V7 - Ultimate Floor Gap Filing



Tile Gap Refill Agent Tile Reform Coating Mold Cleaner Tile Sealer Repair Glue

Product description

  • Amazing bright white tile gap filling agent that is Waterproof and Moldproof!

  • Use it for bathtub tiles, washbasin, bathroom toilet tiles, balcony sink, porch tiles, corridor tiles and other cracks landscape.

  • Features: A ready use grouting fill in product, most easy grout product ever on the market!

  • White color grout to fix and cover all those old and dirty grouting.

  • Suitable for all kind of floor tiles. Provides waterproof feature for floor tiles.

  • Provides anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring.

  • Size:6*16cm

  • Net:280ML

Package Include:

1 x Tile Reform