Anti-aging Gold Mask



OMY LADY SNEFE collagen Gold eye mask desalination dark circle tighten eyes under eye patch solution relieve fatigue fat capsule


Eye-care star

Collagen eye mask  30 pairs + 30 pieces

From nature  Soft and gentle


You need qualified eye mask

You know, best concealer, can’t remove eye bags and edema,

best cosmetic, can only conceal flaws short


Eye care master

Once can remove 6 skin problems

Black eyes    Eye bags    Loose skin

Crow’s-feet   Fat granule  Fatigue



Day to day, visible changes

Early     wrinkles fade

Short term  skin is tight

Middle term  skin is white

Long term  no fat granule aeProduct.getSubject()

When gel meets tender skin

Good collagen mask

Skin becomes white


Time passes by   bright eyes were  charming

But now, no luster, dark and fatigue


Stay up late, Cellphone use, Watching TV, Over clean…….reckless life style,

sharpen eye skin burden, wrinkles generate, with bad skin after 20s


After 20s!

Eyes skin is worse

Without prevention ahead, can’t remove wrinkles easily


Golden Gel

Qualified eye mask

Contains collagen, offer nourishment

Dissolvable gel, easy to absorb


Method of use

1 after cleansing, take out the mask and apply it (round mask can be applied in other parts)

1  wait 15 to 20mins to absorb

3 take off the mask, massage eye skin for 1 minute

4 without washing again after using

PS: longer use doesn’t means better effect, 15 to 20mins is enough.



This products contains rich essence, there is silver paper when open the inner box.

Do not lean the mask, which will pour out the essence, and effect the the efficacy!